So much goes into planning your Disney trip including resort reservations, dining reservations, and fast passes. When you get there it is going to be a breeze, right? How many times have you gone on a family trip and everyone is trying to get ready in the morning and its rushed and crazy? Moms are usually getting everyone ready, right? Pulling out clothes for our kiddos and laying out what they are going to wear. Or, maybe the husband is trying to help but still having to ask “which shirts go with which shorts?”.

I have a few tips that can help you pack only what you need and make things go smoother for everyone in the mornings.

Choosing What to Pack
How many days are you going to be gone? If 5 days, does your child really need 15 different shirts? Look at the weather forecast a few days before and pick clothing that will work for the expected weather conditions. Chose comfort, you will do a ton of walking and having 5 different pairs of cute shoes is really not practical. Plan on taking an extra outfit, maybe 2, but plan what you want to wear each day and stick to it. Extra baggage usually means more money so keep it to what you need.

How to Pack
Instead of packing all your kiddos clothing by type, (with the shorts in one pile, shirts in another, socks in the pocket, and then undergarments in yet another) choose to simplify so that someone else can help get your little ones ready (or, gasp, they can do it themselves)!

-Start by picking out an outfit for each day for your child. Take 1 pair of shorts/jeans, 1 shirt, 1 pair of undies and 1 pair of socks. Lay the largest item at the bottom and each smaller item on top. Roll the completed outfit up and put the rubber band around it. You can then label the roll or color code the rubber bands by family member. All your child or hubby has to do is pull out a roll of clothes and they have everything they need. No mismatched outfits or having to go find a different shirt because that is not what you packed to go with those shorts!




Toiletries can be handled the same way with either a gallon or quart sized zip lock bag or a case for each person, depending on the age. You can label each bag with the family member’s name. Keep these bags on the vanity in the hotel room and each morning everyone knows where to find their toothbrush, deodorant, lotion or whatever item may be particular to that person. You can bring one large bag with the community products that you all will use. By using individual bags it help everyone find what they need in a timely manner without having to dump everything out.

These are just a few tips on packing for your family with young kids that will make your morning a little easier. I know with my family, less stress in the morning makes for a happier start to the day. It lets you focus on getting YOU ready because you know you have a foolproof plan for your little ones.

My name is Kristy Emmons, for more tips or help planning your next Disney trip from start to finish, you can reach me at my services are always FREE!