Everyone has their favorite classic Disney movies. One of my daughter’s favorites is not an older classic, but one of the newer Disney movies, UP! from 2009. We’ve laughed at Dug, the golden retriever, and his easily distracted manner. “SQUIRREL!” Aren’t we all a little like Dug? We think of UP! every time we see a huge bunch of multi colored balloons. Sometimes, we wish we could uproot our home and sail off in the sky to Paradise Falls. We all keep an Adventure Fund and look back at family memories in pictures like Mr. Fredericksen.

Redwood Creek

So, recently, when my family traveled to the Disneyland Resort for the 60th Diamond Anniversary, I noticed an attraction in California Adventure Park we hadn’t visited before. It is The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in the Golden State area of the park. We went to check it out and here are a few reasons why I’m so glad we did!


1. Forest Paths- We had a great time wandering the shaded paths and learning more about the Redwood Trees and other California landmarks.

M tree



2. Rock Climbing- While my 14 year old and 18 year old may have been a little bit older and taller explorers than what the area was designed for, we had a great time! I even gave the Rock Climbing a try.

rock climbing1

rock climbing 2

rock climbing 3

3. Rope Bridges- I may not be the most adventurous explorer, but I had so much fun on this course!

rope climbing

4. Earning Wilderness Explorer Badges- You can pick up a map/guide when you enter the attraction and find the hidden clues. My teenagers had so much fun and even worked together (usually unheard of!).

5. Meet Russell and Dug- This was the highlight and purpose of our visit to the attraction. We enjoyed the special ceremony led by an official Wilderness Explorer Guide and were even promoted to Senior Wilderness Explorer Status ourselves!

family meet and greet

Meet and Greet

Make sure you don’t miss the Disneyland Resort 60th Diamond Anniversary Celebration. And when you go, stop by California Adventure Park and improve your Wilderness Explorer skills with Russell and Dug!

My name is Jeri May and I’m a Senior Wilderness Explorer! I can be your Disneyland Expert, too. Email me today at Jeri@TravelwiththeMagic.com or find me on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/JeriMayTravel.