6Fun Facts about the London Bridge

Fun Facts about the London Bridge located in the very popular city Lake Havasu, Arizona. Did you know that the infamous London Bridge is part of the original bridge located in London, England? The London Bridge was built in 1831 over the River Thames in England, making this bridge over 182 years old. When this bridge was dismantled in London, England each cement stone was numbered for re-assembly in Lake Havasu City. The bridge was then shipped overseas to the Port of Long Beach in California and then transported on land to Lake Havasu City and the re-assembling began in 1968. If you look carefully you can still see some of the numbering on many of the stones today.

London Bridge Cement Stone Pics

Another fun fact is the London Bridge has been featured in several Horror movies, such as Bridge Across Time and Day of the Wolves. Some also believe the London Bridge is actually haunted and visitors have claimed to see sightings of a policeman patrolling the bridge and they claim to have seen a woman in black walking on this bridge in the night time. The lamps on the bridge are made from actual cannons used by Napoleon Bonaparte’s armies that have been melted down. The London Bridge is known as the world’s largest antique and with the opening of the bridge in October 1971 and has drawn tourists from all over the United States and continues to do so today.


London Bridge Shops & Restaurants

The London Bridge in Lake Havasu City has also become a popular vacation destination for the spring and summer months. If you enjoy going to the river, boat rides, water skiing, hydro jet surfing, and so much more this would be a perfect vacation spot for you. There are also many fun shops to shop in and restaurants to enjoy from shaved ice to very tasty hamburgers and French fries! There are also many different places to stay, from hotels, condos, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and even camp grounds to camp at nearby. Lake Havasu city is not just for the tourists there are many people who live here year round and who choose to retire here because the of relaxation this area has to offer!

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London Bridge Hydro Jet Surfing  & Lake Havasu Pics

For your next vacation you have to visit not only the amazing and historical land mark known as the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, but also Lake Havasu City itself, because of its breathtaking mountains, lakes,, and desert that surround this beautiful city. Not to mention all the wonderful activities you can participate in, in one place. You can rent atv’s, boats, kayaks, canoe’s, or enjoy horseback riding, and lake tours just to name a few. There are also many marinas and boat launches close by if you want to play on the water or to take a boat ride. Feel free to contact me for a FREE Quote to help you plan your next adventure at Carrie@travelwiththemagic.com.

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