Saratoga Springs often gets overlooked as a great resort to stay in because it is a couple minutes farther from the parks. In my opinion, there are more pros than cons and what is five more minutes of a drive or bus ride? Here are some reasons why Saratoga Springs is a great place to stay with kids


1.) Pools: There are several pools at Saratoga Springs, but our favorite was the pool in the Paddock section. There is a zero entry pool with a great big waterslide, and our favorite, a separate toddler play area that was totally fenced in. It had slides, waterfalls, a squirt gun, and more. My two year old played here for HOURS on our trip, and we could relax at the chairs/tables knowing she couldn’t get out of the fenced in area.



2.) Playground: We stayed in Congress Park which is near the water and Disney Springs. It also happened to be near a playground and grilling pavilion which came in handy the night my dad BBQ’ed. We just hung out under the pavilion while he grilled and my toddler played on the playground. It was also a great place for her to get some energy out in the evenings before bed.


3.) Disney Springs: We requested a room in Congress Park, which is the area closest to the walkway to Disney Springs. This was ideal because we could put Emma Kate in the stroller and walk to the shops, live entertainment, and splash pad when we needed a break from the parks.


4.) Parking: If you have your own vehicle, this resort is especially enticing because you can park right in front of your building. Those that have ever loaded and unloaded a huge stroller, a child, and all of their things knows being close to your room is a huge plus!


5.) Room to roam: Saratoga Springs is very big and spread out, but we loved it because there was plenty of room for Emma Kate to run around. We were on the first floor, so all we have to do was open up our patio door and she could run out on the grass and the sidewalks. It was perfect! We sat on the patio and watched her play many times as the sun went down. A perfect way to end the day!


Our room was on the bottom right of this picture where the two columns are. Perfect location!

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