Having a celebration at a Disney park can really be a magical experience. Celebrating a birthday, graduation, new job or other milestone can be so much fun! You can even get a celebration button to wear, so people know what you’re celebrating, and can join in the fun with you.

But you can also enjoy OTHER people’s celebrations…

Recently, my husband and I were on a trip to Disneyland together. We had a whole free day in Disneyland, without our kids! We had planned some leisurely attractions: I wanted to take some photos around the park, and visit some of the lesser-known areas. We typically do commando-style touring when we go with the kids, and we were looking forward to taking our time.

We began our day with some breakfast in the park. While we lingered over our coffee, a lady came up to speak with us, and it changed our whole morning.

She said, “Good morning! I noticed that you’re here by yourselves, and I wanted to ask you a favor. Feel free to say no… It may be completely too much to ask, but here goes.

“I found out that I’m expecting, and I’m going to surprise my husband and tell him he’s going to be a dad — they’re going to draw it in a caricature over by Blue Bayou.

“If you don’t have plans right now, I wonder if you might be able to find a way to take some photos of us, when the artist reveals the picture?”

And just like that, our day was changed.

We gladly said yes.

Then we wandered around that area for the next 90 minutes. Who knew a caricature took so long?

Caricature at Disneyland

When the moment came, we were able to get the photos she hoped for. Afterward, she thanked us profusely for staying that whole time. She said she couldn’t believe we waited around so long to take photos for her.

That’s when we told her there was NO WAY we would have let her down. Because we understand completely about celebrating a special day at Disney, and finding a way to get photos to commemorate the occasion! Because my husband proposed to me at Walt Disney World!

Proposal at Disney World

Engaged at Disney World

If you’d like to celebrate something special at a Disney Park (and let others celebrate WITH you!), I’ll be happy to help you make your plans. My name is Brenda Arnold-Richard, and I’m a travel planner at Travel with the Magic. Email me at Brenda@TravelWithTheMagic.com, and we’ll get started on your magical memories today!