In July, Disney debuted a new makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Downtown Disney based on Disney’s newest little Princess – Sofia the First. The Sofia package includes “Sofia the First” hairstyling, shimmering makeup, nail polish, face gem, Princess sash, Princess cinch bag, a crown and hair bow. Currently, the Sofia package is available only at the Downtown Disney location.

When we first checked in, my girls were given a royal notification of their appointment (it was as surprise!) and then we had some time to wait and wander around the store. There were many other little girls there, some choosing their costumes. My girls had brought their dresses from home. Even if you have your own dress, be sure to check out the Magic Mirror!

Checking in at the Boutique

The girls were shown to their Fairy Godmothers in training and began their makeovers. The makeover has the girls facing away from the mirrors instead of being able to see what is happening. The Fairy Godmothers were wonderful and seemed to have been “chosen” for my daughters. My quiet, inquisitive daughter had a Fairy Godmother who was amazing but had a very quiet demeanor. My super outgoing, curly haired, spunky Princess was paired with a Fairy Godmother who had her exact personality and quizzed her Princess knowledge and taught her Princess manners. They were both incredible.

The Sofia hairstyle is super cute with a twist on each side held in by bobby pins and a purple hair clip on one side. The Sofia tiara is a larger version of the tiaras in the other makeovers. They still got to choose a face gem and their shimmering makeup. The nail polish is purple – of course! The makeover was perfect for younger Princesses who want the experience but are intimidated by the updo of the other hairstyles (as my Princesses were).

The Sofia look in progress

They were sprinkled with pixie dust and then spun around to reveal their new Princess look! They were so excited and it was great to see the surprise on their faces. My oldest was given a birthday sash as we were celebrating her birthday on this trip. The little one was given a regular Princess sash.

The Birthday Princess

We were given all of the extra makeup, face gems and nail polish in a pink cinch bag. I was very surprised at how much extra product we got! The girls got to sign their names in the Princess book and the Fairy Godmother in Training searched through the book to find the pages of their favorite Princesses to sign on.

Signing the Princess book

Overall, I was very pleased with the experience. I’m not sure if it was the heat or my girls’ ridiculously thick and dark hair but I felt that the pixie dust didn’t stand out as much with the Sofia hairdo as it does with the other makeovers. The crown was much nicer than the crown from the other makeovers though! My girls are already excited for their next Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover (hopefully on the Disney Fantasy!)


Princess Sofia Makeover at BBB: My Princesses!

We did get one extra surprise on the bus from Downtown Disney to the Grand Floridian Resort. As the bus started pulling away, the driver played a recorded message about all passengers being on their best behavior because there was a Princess aboard the motorcoach. My girls looked at us in amazement and asked, “Was that about us? Does he think we’re REAL Princesses!?” The looks on their faces at that moment is something I will never forget an a reason I keep coming back to Disney.

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