Merlin needs your help! Did you know that the Magic Kingdom was in peril of being lost forever? The mean and ruthless Hades has escaped from the underworld and is out to make the Magic Kingdom his playground. The thousands of guest visiting the Magic Kingdom have no clue that they are at risk. We need You to find the missing pieces of the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom before Hades gets his hands on them. Beware, you will have to battle villains – but Merlin has gathered the best of Disney characters and their spells to help you. Sign up now to join Merlin’s squadron of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive journey for the young and the young at heart. Disney has brought back many of our beloved characters to help cast spells that will be used to put the dark villains back in their place! The strategy, action and card collection appeals to all ages, but to join you have to volunteer first! There are 2 places to sign up and learn how you can help Merlin – either at the Fire Station on Main Street or behind Ye Old Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square. Once you join this elite group, you will be given a key, a map, a set of weapon cards, and a mission!

Volunteers need Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards

Where you start depends on your mission- Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Main Street USA or Adventureland. You are looking for the magic portals and your maps are crucial in completing your quest.

Fantasyland Map Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

The portals are in places you may have missed as an ordinary citizen of the Magic Kingdom. But never fear, as a Sorcerer’s apprentice, armed with your map and skills, you won’t be able to miss the magical brass seal on the ground in front of the portal.

Portal Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Next, activate the portal with your key and listen to an evil plot by one of Hades henchmen.

Find out your mission Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Each key is coded to your mission, keeps track of your unique skill level and holds your progress in the adventure. It’s your decision, which spells to cast, as each character posses specific skills to counteract the dastardly deeds that the villains have employed to slow down your quest. You can use one or a combination of up to four (4) spell cards, so be creative in determining how each card works well together. The goal is defeat the villain, so choose wisely! Once you have defeated the villain, you will be given the next clue in your journey. With luck and skill you will eventually defeat Hades and save the Magic Kingdom!

Thumper card Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Tips: You can only get a set of cards once each day, and when you defeat Hades. Not everyone in our group wanted to play, but we had everyone get a set of cards – that way our players had more spells to cast! You can collect more cards by buying booster packs in the Emporium. For extra excitement, make your way to Tortuga Tavern and wander out back: expert and novice traders discuss strategy and you are able to trade cards to try and collect the whole set. Ask plenty of questions, as some cards are rare and more valuable than others.

I have hints, tricks and special starter packs for clients – be sure to ask!

So, have you decided to join? Don’t be an ordinary park guest, standing in a line for rides, unaware of the peril that exists around you, be a part of Merlin’s Extraordinary Team – The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

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