2015 December, 21

Why Park Hopper Tickets are worth it (and when they aren’t)

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When planning your Disney vacation, one of the first decisions to make is whether or not to add the Park Hopper option to your park tickets. There are pretty much two types of people, those who park hop and those who don’t (and maybe a third group who doesn’t know the difference; if that’s you then keep reading!) Lately, it seems, I have worked with numerous families who said they NEVER get the Park Hopper because they ”don’t need it” or “won’t use it” who end up needing and using the Park Hopper option. I have also had families insist [...]

2015 December, 16

3 Things I Won’t Do Again On My Disney Vacation

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  Even though I traveled to Walt Disney World three times in the past year, each trip has been extremely different! From jam packed, to extremely relaxing, to going for a RunDisney race, I’ve experienced many different kinds of Disney vacations! Throughout these experiences, I’ve learned what I like to do…. And what I’m okay with not doing on future vacations. Read on to learn about the top three things I’ve learned so you can do Disney like a pro! 1. Don’t sleep in. On my most recent trip, we relaxed a little bit more and didn’t pack so much [...]

2015 October, 29

5 Disney Restaurants that are worth the hype

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When reservations at select Disney restaurants are hard to get, you have to wonder “but is it really worth it?” Here’s my list of what I think it worth the hype at Walt Disney World!   1. Be Our Guest – Magic Kingdom – To me, this is the epitome of Disney magic. When you step into the main ballroom, you feel as if you have been placed directly in a scene from Beauty and the Beast. Not to mention, the food is fantastic! If dining at dinner time, you will have an opportunity to meet The Beast! Please note [...]

2014 September, 24

Around the “World” in 1 Day

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Tips for Experiencing all Four Walt Disney World Parks in One Day Do you have a Disney Bucket list? If you do, this is probably on your list (or should be!) Sound Impossible? It is a bit of a challenge but it’s SO fun to try! Now you might be wondering why would you want to try it…Bragging Rights, of course! Also, if you find yourself at “the World” for just a short weekend getaway or a work conference, it can be a great way to get a taste of all your favorite attractions, the best of each park, in [...]

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