2010 August, 10

Day 20 #31DBBB Leave Comments on Other Blogs

2010-08-10T06:58:23-04:00August 10, 2010|Mom Businesses|0 Comments

Do you normally spend at least 15 minutes a day commenting on other blogs? Why or why not? I do leave comments sometimes but not as much as I probably should. What are some reasons you DON'T comment on an entry you otherwise would have? (For example, a registration process deters me from commenting.) Sometimes blogs want to much info and I don't want to fill it all out. Sometimes I do not have time and sometimes I will enter everything and then that Captcha thing messes it all up and then I give up.

2010 August, 3

Day 16 #31DBBB Solve a Problem

2010-08-03T10:06:53-04:00August 3, 2010|Mom Businesses|0 Comments

Day 16 is all about Problem Solving. I don't really write about ways to solve problems, I write about ways to save money and give tips but I think that is alittle different. I will see people ask questions on Facebook and Twitter and then answer them and then take that and turn into a post here. This is all still pretty new to me so I think that this book will be even more helpful in the future because I can go back and refer to it. There are some great bloggers over on the SITSgirls forums so join [...]

2010 July, 27

Day 9 #31DBBB Join a Forum and Start Participating

2010-07-27T12:30:29-04:00July 27, 2010|Mom Businesses|1 Comment

Good Morning. So today the challenge is to join a forum in my niche and start participating. This one is not hard for me, I am already a member of several forums about Disney and Disney travel. I love Disney and it is my passion and I have made some wonderful friends and clients from message boards. I post regularly on Magic Chat Live it is a friendly and helpful Disney Message board. They have news, pics, tips, trip reports, info about deals and so much more. Posting on Disney message boards is fun but you have to be careful. [...]

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