Good Morning. So today the challenge is to join a forum in my niche and start participating. This one is not hard for me, I am already a member of several forums about Disney and Disney travel. I love Disney and it is my passion and I have made some wonderful friends and clients from message boards.

I post regularly on Magic Chat Live it is a friendly and helpful Disney Message board. They have news, pics, tips, trip reports, info about deals and so much more.

Posting on Disney message boards is fun but you have to be careful. Many message boards these days have a “travel sponsor” so you can’t post that you are planner or put it in your signature. I can do that on Magic Chat since a close friend owns and operates that message board. There are so many great places to get involved with in the Disney Community.

Here are a few:

Tour Guide Mike


These two are fairly new but I like both of them and they are fun and run/moderated by nice and fair people.

Disney By the Numbers

Main Street Mouse

I am not familiar with many other message boards. I read some other moms boards and WAHM business message boards but that it is.
I have recently began a member of The Mom Entrupreneur and have been posting there and the ladies are nice, supportive, and I am learning alot from them. I do not think I get a ton of traffic and business from posting on message boards but its fun and I like helping people even if I am not there travel agent.