2017 October, 3

Minnie’s Halloween Dine at Hollywood and Vine

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During the fall months at Disney’s Hollywood and Vine restaurant, you can attend a special dinner called Minnie’s Halloween Dine, at Hollywood Studios. This dinner is special not only because you get to see five of the most popular Disney characters, but because they are dressed up in adorable Halloween costumes. It’s a great way to get you in the Halloween mood! Also, the food has a Halloween “twist” to it as well. Take a look: The food was excellent, and I would say possibly the best character buffet food I have had at Walt Disney World. Some of the [...]

2017 May, 4

Bon Voyage character breakfast

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The Bon Voyage character breakfast is the newest dining option at Walt Disney World. It is located at Trattoria al Forno on the Boardwalk, so there is no theme park ticket required to dine. At this location, you dine with a set menu as opposed to the normal buffet, and you can meet Ariel, Prince Eric, Rapunzel, and Flynn Ryder. Upon arrival, you are given a menu and asked which beverage you would like. My server was holding orange juice, but said I could get soda, coffee, or juice. I opted for soda while my daughter had milk and my [...]

2014 October, 27

How To Meet Your Favorite Characters in Record Time

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People who grew up with vacations to Disney World may remember their favorite characters wandering around the parks, ready for a hug and a photo with their fans. In the recent years, Disney made a change and characters can now only be met at certain times in a preplanned location. Don’t be discouraged – this new system works to your advantage! Here is how to utilize the new system and meet all of your favorite characters in record time: Tip 1: Utilize the Fast Pass More popular characters like the princesses and Mickey are stationed indoors. You can select a [...]

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