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How to Use the Play Disney App: Before, During and After your Trip!


Earlier this year Disney released a whole new way to experience the Parks: the Play Disney App! The App for your Android or iOS phone is a great addition to your trip. You can use it Before, During and After your Magical Vacation, and here is how! First, be sure and download the App Before you Leave! We all know WiFi isn’t always dependable, so have your phones ready before you leave! Make sure that your phone is up to [...]

How to Use the Play Disney App: Before, During and After your Trip!2018-11-28T10:05:33-05:00

Experience Disney D-Tech On Demand


During my last trip to Disney World, I got to try the new D-Tech On Demand store in Magic Kingdom. The store, located next to the Space Mountain entrance in Tomorrowland, gives fans the opportunity to create really cool, personalized cell phones cases and/or MagicBands. There are lots of fun designs to choose from and the process is pretty simple. Disney offers the personalized cell phone cases for most iPhones (including the new iPhone 6s plus) and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4. [...]

Experience Disney D-Tech On Demand2015-12-08T22:16:58-05:00