Going to Disney World for the first time brining little ones is an amazing experience.   Just because you love Space Mountain or Splash Mountain doesn’t mean that should be the first ride you take your little ones on.

Barnstormer First Ride

We all crawl before we walk and I think you should do that same with rides. The last thing you want to happen on a 6 day trip to Disney World is your child is too scared to go on any of the rides.

The Barnstorm starring the Great Goofini it the perfect first ride for your little ones. Gentle turns and small drops give you a little thrill but not enough to send tikes into a panic.

Great Goofini

The Barnstormer is a short ride, which equals small risk for you and your child. When you are on a ride that terrifies your little one and it just keeps going they see no end in site. It actually takes longer to walk through the lines than the actual ride.

Short rollercoaster

My family has a real dare devil and a scaredy cat, this ride was perfect. We went on it several times to see that yes rides do end and they can be tons of fun. If you throw an inexperienced rider on the tower of terror he or she may be inclined to sit the rest of the rides out. The Magic Kingdom has tons of rides for the novice rider but this ride is a great starter coaster.

Happy child

Watch your kiddos come off the ride having fun and ready for the next challenge. We have found easing into the “big” rides is a great idea. You want to have fun on your trip and having fun on the rides will mean fun for the whole family. Feel free to contact me for a FREE Quote to help you plan your next Disney trip at Kristy@travelwiththemagic.com