I’m a detail-oriented person. I like to read all the instructions before beginning a task. I usually remember numbers easily and notice little things that maybe my family doesn’t pick up on. Maybe you’re that way, too. I know the Imagineers at Disney are! As I’ve walked through the parks, I’ve noticed the attention to details like no other place I’ve ever been. Maybe that’s why the Disney experience is so wonderful, because it’s so immersive. When you’re in line for a ride, you can look around and notice all the details of the décor. If you’re in the line for Pirates of the Caribbean, all of the railings are detailed to look like you’re in the 18th century and if you’re in the Little Mermaid attraction, everything is maritime themed. No one pays attention to details in their theme parks like Disney!

Exhibit A:

wings of fame

This is a picture from inside the queue at Soarin’ Over California in California Adventure Park. You have the name of the hallway, “California Aviators Wings of Fame”, but you have so much more! Notice the “walkway” at the top left of the picture. It looks like you’re in a real airplane hangar. And real or not, the Disney Imagineers have put a window through which you can even see “clouds”. And the “window” has window coverings! The metal framing completes the illusion that you’re inside an airplane hangar. Amazing attention to detail!

Exhibit B:

Cinnamon Roll


Okay, I realize this picture might make you hungry for cinnamon rolls, but that’s kind of the point! This breakfast we purchased on my trip in June at one of the quick service restaurants was not only one of the least expensive food items we purchased, but also one of the prettiest. So, it’s served on a basic paper plate on a color coordinating plastic tray. Look, too, at the details of the design on the paper plate. The diamonds which symbolize the Diamond Anniversary and the official 60th Anniversary Logo are imprinted on the plate. The cinnamon roll itself is pretty delicious looking, too, don’t you think?

Exhibit C:


Talk about your detail- look at this picture! Can’t you imagine you’re standing on a wharf on the Pacific Coast? You have the Record Catch at 7 ¼ tons, not 7 tons, but rather 7 ¼ tons! Every fish in the net is complete, not a bunch of silver plastic or a picture spray-painted on. You’ll notice, too, the “bay” with rocks in it. How much easier would it have been for them to just put a pond in and not considered that there would be rocks in there?

Exhibit D:


I hardly know where to begin with this picture! There are Green Army Men made to look like the Green Army Men many of our brothers played with growing up. (Straight from the Disney movie, Toy Story) The Army Men are driving a miniature jeep that definitely is not Army issued, but sure looks like it! Behind them is the entrance to The Little Mermaid- Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Look at the mermaid at the top of the arch and notice the giant seashell on the top of the building on the left. See how the trees in front of The Little Mermaid look kind of like seaweed, different than the trees across the street. These are just some of the details you will see as you stroll through the Disney Parks!

Final Exhibit:

California Adventure Park

With this final exhibit, I will rest my case! Here is a photo of my husband and me at Paradise Pier. Look carefully at the railing behind us. It has a seashell design that keeps you in mind of the seashells you’d find at the beach by any boardwalk. Behind us is the giant ferris wheel, Mickey’s Fun Wheel. They didn’t just slap on a picture of Mickey Mouse. There is also a giant sunshine (for the sunshine state, California) behind him. Behind us on the other side are palm trees- the ultimate symbol of the beach and usually found by every boardwalk. Can’t you just hear The Drifters singing the song?

So, in closing, I love the details! If you ask my family, I pay attention to the rules of every card game and I certainly pay attention to the details when traveling to a Disney Park. This is the same kind of detail I will pay attention to when helping you book and plan YOUR next Disney Trip!

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