Skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado is incredible however visiting in the offseason can be just as much fun. It’s a great time to visit without the crowds where you can really enjoy the views and the entertainment.

Beaver Creek Village is a wonderful alpine village with lots of shopping dining for all. Check the calendars to see what festival might be going on in the square. Brews, Blues and BBQ festival in the spring is fun for the whole family. You can enjoy live bands while sampling the work of several brewers and barbeque masters.


Throughout the village you will see statues, waterfalls and see Beaver Creek running right through the center of the village. Great photo ops all over and lots of seating to sit and enjoy a beautiful mountain day.


While the village is entertaining when in the mountains you really need to enjoy the nature. Enjoy the sounds of running rivers, birds singing or just peace and quiet. While the slopes are great for skiing when the snow is on the ground interesting paths can be found when the snow is gone. You can see elk, fox and deer around any corner.


When you hike across a slope you can really appreciate how high they are and find all kinds of little surprises that were dropped by skiers.

The slopes are not the only areas to hike, the rivers are quite impressive come spring time when the snow from the mountain tops melt.


Take the time to stop and watch kayakers navigate the roaring rapids. It really is awe inspiring to witness the power that the water wields making its way down the mountain.

And last but certainly not least the view from the top!


At the peak of Beaver Creek summit it is 11,440 ft above sea level so while enjoying all the activities take the time to acclimate yourself to the high elevation. A hike at this level really will take your breath away in more ways than one.

While you may hear more about Aspen, Vail or Breckenridge this village is really something spectacular to see and great for a family getaway. Feel free to contact me for a FREE Quote to help you plan your next adventure at