The Pirates League at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is a fun way to channel your inner pirate! Located in Adventureland near the entrance of Pirates of the Caribbean, participants will be transformed into a pirate style of their choosing and get some pirate training along the way.

My husband and I purchased the package for my nephew and our son for Christmas since we were leaving Christmas day for a family trip to Disney World. We called ahead to reserve our time, which is suggested due to the popular nature of this experience, and were able to get reservations the day after Christmas at noon. Needless to say, the boys were so excited when they opened up their surprise on Christmas day! Because costumes are not included in the packages, we decided to buy them generic pirate costumes so they could open them with their gift. However, costumes are available for purchase once you arrive at The Pirates League. If you bring your own, or purchase costumes there, they have changing rooms for you to use prior to starting the makeover.


When you schedule your appointment, they will advise you to arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled time. We checked-in at the desk near the front entrance and each of the boys got to choose which pirate style they wanted. My son chose to become a zombie pirate and my nephew decided on black beard. The cast member that did my son’s transformation mentioned that the styles with full face makeup can feel pretty heavy in hot weather, so you may want to consider that when choosing a style.


We only waited about 5 minutes after we checked-in, then they called both of the boys back at the same time. They did an excellent job keeping our boys together as much as possible throughout the process. I think it made it more fun for them to share the experience! The picture above is their “before” picture. They were so excited!!!

The very first thing you get to do is get your pirate name. It is a really neat process and both the boys loved their pirate names.


Once they had their names, they got to sit in their chair and a cast member started transforming them into pirates.

As you can see below, the interior of The Pirates League is amazing! The décor and cast members made it feel like we were in the hull of a pirate ship. I was very impressed with the cast members…they do an incredible job staying in character!




Here are a couple pictures of my son getting his pirate makeover:





Once both of the boys looked like pirates, it was time to receive their pirate swords and sashes.


Armed with their pirate swag, they got to go into a secret room for pirate pictures! This is where a Disney photographer will take a couple different photographs and you can access them later with your PhotoPass or Memory Maker package.


Overall, my son and nephew had a great time and enjoyed spending the rest of the day in Magic Kingdom as pirates!

The Pirates League packages start at $34.95 (which I thought was very reasonable for the amount of goodies they get), and for those of you visiting Disneyland, there is one located in Frontierland. For pirates that have their makeover at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, they are able to participate in the daily Adventureland Pirate Parade…the cast members will give you more details at your appointment.

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