tips for the parks 1

Looking for tips and strategies to make your trip smoother? Here are some ideas to help you out!

· If you are flying into Los Angeles International airport or Orange County airport for Disneyland in CA, arrangements can be made with Disneyland Resort Express shuttle or Super Shuttle to get you from the airport to the resorts. There is a charge for this service.

*If you choose the Super Shuttle, and you have a small child under 48″, you will need to provide a car seat or booster seat. This is mandatory.

· If you have a stroller at the parks with you, tie a brightly colored bandana or scarf to the handle. This will help you find it in the sea of strollers. Plus, if you ASD child is stuck on wanting to ride the attraction again, this is a good opportunity to engage him/her in a game of who can find the stroller the fastest.

· Here are some fun things to bring on your next trip:
*Pennies and quarters for the pressed penny machines

*Trading pins

*Autograph books and pens for signing. You can also have the characters sign baseballs, t-shirts, hats, anything you want. Your child can not be wearing a shirt as the character signs it – so just bring the shirt along with a Sharpie marker.

*Glow sticks/necklaces/bracelets for the night time parades and shows

· Earplugs or noise reduction headphones are wonderful to help your child cope with the excess noise and stimulations at the parks.

· You can ship a package of items directly to your resort before your trip begins. This is a great way to pack disposable things (i.e. diapers, wipes, medical supplies, snacks.etc) and you don’t have to take up luggage space for these items.

· The First Aide stations and the Baby Care centers are a great place for your over stimulated child to take break and cool off. If you are traveling with a larger child that may need changing, both areas offer private rooms you can use.

· Don’t forget to stop by City Hall at the Magic Kingdom for your free button! These buttons are so much fun to wear. You can get one for Birthdays, Anniversaries, 1st Time Visits, Personal Celebrations, etc.

· “Runner” – the person that can run ahead to various rides and kiosks to get the return time for your loved one’s DAS (Disabilities Assistance Service card).

*As you are planning your day at a Disney park and strategize which ride is next, it is helpful if you can spare 1 person from your travel party to run ahead of the group and get the return time for the DAS for the next attraction. The holder of the DAS does not have to be present to get the return time. So if you can spare a set of hands, send someone out to the return time while you occupy your loved one at another attraction, flattening a penny, grabbing a snack, or greeting a character. This may not work for every family. And in some families, it causes too much anxiety of dad or mom to leave. But if it works for your family, I strongly suggest it.

· If you are taking a service dog (SD) with you to the Disney parks, don’t forget to pack some boots for him/her. You all are going to be walking 5-10 miles per day and the pads of their feet can really get worn out. The shoes will protect the pads and help your SD go all day strong.

If you have any questions and would like to use a planner for free – contact me at or call me directly at 1-800-670-4312 ext 125. I have an unexplained passion for Disney and making sure that everyone is getting the most that they can out of every visit!