Toddlers are not the most patient beings on the face of the planet so thinking about waiting in long Disney attraction lines with them can become a source of stress for most parents. It is probably one of the most popular reasons I hear people give when they say their kids are too young to go to Disney, BUT alas! No more! I have compiled my favorite 7 tips for keeping those toddlers busy hence saving your sanity.


1. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! (or something like that) Use the tools Disney has given you! Take advantage of fast passes. They will significantly reduce your wait times.

2. My kids are early risers. We always take advantage of the early extra magic hours or arrive to the parks at rope drop. They are up anyway right? I have experienced that wait times earlier in the morning are significantly shorter than later in the morning or afternoon, especially for those toddler favorites at the Magic Kingdom.

3. Give toddlers down time in between the waiting. Let them have some time to just walk around and look at things.

4. Snacks. Enough said.

5. Prepare a toddler play pack. Fill a plastic storage bag with fun things to play with. Some things that I had found work awesomely are finger puppets, Disney themed toys, and decorative masking tape, otherwise known as washi tape. They even make Disney themed Washi tape! The dollar store is a great place to find these toddler treasures. Try to stick to cheap and “disposable” items. Disposable meaning your toddler won’t be throwing a fit because they lost their favorite Lightening McQueen die cast car. (True story!) Also try to and pick things they have never seen or played with before. It will keep their attention longer.

6. If your toddler is technology savvy, bring along the Ipad or make certain your smart phone has episodes of their favorite Disney show, BUT also be sure to bring your phone charger for the imminent death of your battery from YouTube Mickey watching.

7. Talk your toddlers thru the waiting lines. Point things out to them. Disney is awesome at providing a decent waiting experience. Some of the areas are decked out, immersing you in the attraction way before you get to experience the ride. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, and The Journey of the Littler Mermaid just to name a few!

Don’t let waiting in lines keep you from experience the magic of Disney with a toddler. Truly it is an amazing experience. Planning a Disney vacation with your toddler? I would love to help! Contact me at, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.