I have been lucky enough to stay club level at Disneyland’s Grand Californian (the Craftsman Club) a handful of times over the past few years, and I have to say it is one of the most relaxed and laid back lounges I have been in.


When you exit the elevators on the club level floor, you are greeted by cast members at two desks welcoming you and asking if you need anything. You then follow the hallway to a door where you must swipe your gold key to get into the lounge. The lounge is very rustic with lots of wood and browns and beiges.


There are several tables to choose from as well as a television you can watch.


Water is available in a bottle, just ask a cast member (then you can take it into the parks!)


The lounge opens at 6:30, and there is a continental breakfast, snacks during the day, tea and scones in the afternoon, appetizers in the evening and desserts at night until 10:00. There is also a refrigerator with sodas and juices you may take with you. (Note: now there are cans instead of bottles).


Coffee is also available during the day to keep you fueled for park hopping.


My favorite part of the lounge is the view. We usually choose to sit outside since the weather is so nice, and we watch the monorail go by and look at the mountains.



It’s typically pretty quiet outside and a great place to relax.


The food offerings are constantly replaced during the day, although they did not change much as far as variety day to day.


There was always at least one hot item at night, but not enough food to made a dinner out of in my opinion.


It was a great place to go for a pre dinner snack and drink (they have wine and champagne!)


After dinner or hanging out at the parks at night, we were sure to come back for a tasty treat before bedtime.


One special thing that happens at night is all of the tables are pushed back and there is story time for the kids. It was really cute to watch, the cast member did a great job.


A special tip a lot of people don’t know about: In the mornings pour yourself some orange juice then ask a cast member for a half full glass of champagne, and you can make your own mimosa! (They cannot mix the drink for you, you must do it yourself). It is a fun way to start the day and makes me really feel like I am on vacation.

I would highly recommend staying club level at this resort if you want to splurge on something relaxing and fun. It was nice knowing we always had a place to grab a drink or a snack and didn’t have to worry about buying or bringing bottles or water or food for in between meals!


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