It’s no secret my favorite park to visit is Epcot and one of my favorite things to do at Epcot is… eat! Where else can you go from country to country sampling cuisine from around the World? You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants at Epcot and it’s nice to have so many to choose from which makes it easier to land a reservation.

My family had dined at Teppan Edo several times and we really enjoyed it but I wanted to try something different so I decided to go with Tokyo Dining. Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo could easily be confused with one another as they are both Japanese restaurants and both are located upstairs from the Mitsukoshi Department Store next to each other. Teppan Edo offers hibachi where your dinner is cooked in front of you but Tokyo Dining does not. It’s still a great option though so don’t be fooled!

tokyo dining table and chairs

We had an early dinner which was nice because the restaurant was pretty empty. It was nice to take a break from the parks and we were treated to a table by the window which made for a wonderful view of World Showcase with Spaceship Earth in the background. It would make the perfect IllumiNations viewing spot if timed correctly! The restaurant itself is appealing to the eye with sleek, contemporary décor including rotating images on the wall and cool lighting.

tokyo dining view

What stands out the most to me at Tokyo Dining is the service. The servers were exceptional. They provided excellent customer service and they even went out of their way to make sure my kids were happy. They gave my kids chopsticks they could use, wrote my son’s name in Japanese and also gave him a neat origami spinner that entertained my kids while we waited for meal to arrive.

tokyo dining entertainment for kids

If you are a fan of sushi, you will love Tokyo Dining as it offers a variety of sushi, sushimi and nigiri! I was so excited to get some fresh sushi but was slightly disappointed to learn you cannot get rolls using the dining plan as you have to order an entree off the menu. I decided to venture out and try something different and went with a bento box featuring sashimi, California roll, tempura and steak with vegetables. I absolutely loved my meal. It was perfectly satisfying and didn’t leave me feeling too stuffed which I was thankful for as we had rides to hit afterwards.

tokyo dining bento box

My husband ordered the filet mignon which was served with vegetables and rice. While it was OK, I would recommend ordering sushi or one of the bento boxes personally. The kids ordered tempura chicken which we got a kick out of seeing it served in the monorail looking tray. Note: we saw the same tray for sale afterwards while shopping at Mitsukoshi in case you are interested in bringing one home.

tokyo dining filet mignon

tokyo dining monorail tray

While the dessert selection is very slim what we did order was delicious. We tried the Chocolate Ginger Cake which was light, moist and yummy (our favorite out of the bunch), the green tea cheesecake with raspberry sauce and green tea soft serve ice cream.

tokyo dining green tea cheesecake

Next time you’re at Epcot, give Tokyo Dining a try! I think you’ll be glad you did!

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