Top 10 Reasons

Should I take my baby to Disney? Many people ask this question when considering planning a Disney vacation. There are people who say, “NO WAY! WAIT! They WON’T remember!” BUT there is another group of individuals that say, “YES! THEY WILL LOVE IT!” I am part of the latter group! YES! Do take your LITTLES (children under the age of 3 for all intents and purposes of this blog) to Disney! Below I have compiled my list of the Top 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD Take Your Little To Disney!

1. Littles under THREE get into the parks FREE! YAY FREE!

2. Littles under THREE eat for FREE! If you have purchased a Disney package that includes a dining plan your under THREE little can nibble off your plate at counter service meals and non-all-you-care-to-enjoy (buffet) table services. At buffet restaurants you can fix them a plate of their own! Drinks are also included for your wee one at buffet meals.

3. Littles fly for FREE. Most airlines allow you to travel with a child under the age of two for FREE. Your little is referred to as a “lap” child. Check with your airline of choice for their restrictions on lap children.

4. Do you think you will only get to ride “It’s A Small World” a million times because your little/littles are too small for the “thrill” rides? WRONG! Disney’s Rider Switch Pass is your answer! This program allows one parent to enjoy the attraction while the other waits with the kiddos! Once the first parent is finished, the second parent can then proceed to the FastPass line and present their Rider Switch ticket!

5. Don’t think you will be able to enjoy the later evening events because your little is in bed by 8pm? (YES IF you want them to function the next day, RIGHT?) WRONG! Kid’s Nite Out, Inc. offers babysitting services (at an extra cost) to guests of Walt Disney World resorts! This service is not only convenient, but offers one-to-one in-room babysitting! So don’t think you CAN’T make those California Grill reservations for 9pm!

6. Most littles can’t handle the hustle of Disney like older kids. In order to accommodate this you will have to SLOW DOWN. WHAT? Slow down? Who wants to do that? What could possibly be an advantage of slowing down? It will give you the opportunity to really be present and enjoy the special moments! Go with the flow people! (Even if it is a slow flow..)

7. The naysayers say you shouldn’t take your littles to Disney because they won’t remember. PFFFFFT. That is why we take photographs! They don’t need to remember because we will show them! ALL they need to do is experience the colors, the sounds, THE MAGIC! (On a side note, just think about all the photo opportunities! Ahhhhhhh……. A photographers dream!)

8. Taking your kids to meet their favorite characters is priceless. (Even if they scream!) A memory is a memory right?

9. Seeing Disney thru their eyes! What a different and amazing perspective! Their attention could possibly be held by the sparkles that may be on a random wall or the pavement, the “hidden mickeys” that may be at their eye level, or the pretty balloons at the parades to name just a few.

10. Nothing is more precious than seeing your little in Mickey ears in the happiest place on earth! Enough said.

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