What are they?

Pin codes are special offers sent via email or regular mail that include an offer that is not currently available to the general public with a 15 digit number.  The mailers can look very similar to other Disney mailers that may be circulating around the same time.  So if you receive any mail or email from Disney, it is important to read them VERY carefully.

What do they look like?
Here is an example photo.  Please note that the pin codes are tied to the name on the postcard, so it can’t be used more than once or by a different person.

Example of pin code









How do I get one?

No one really knows.  You need to have your email address and/or address on file with Disney.  Some of the pin code offers say “come back” implying that they were sent to you because of a previous visit to Walt Disney World.

What do I do if I receive one?

Call your travel planner!  We can still help you book your MAGICAL Disney World vacation and you won’t have to miss out on any of our amazing services!  You will need to let your travel planner know who it was addressed, the phone number, and email address if you received it via email.  The wording on the offer you would like to take advantage of (sometimes there is more than one offer included on the same mailing).  Your travel planner will also need the 15 digit pin number.  Then they can take care of the rest!