Does your family like to cut up and have good time all the while enjoying a delicious meal? Well, Disney World has the perfect restaurant that you need to try on your next visit, Whispering Canyon Café. Located at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort, this unique eatery serves belly laughs by the dozen complete with tears by gallon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I do need to add a disclaimer that if you have a shy member of your family this might not be the place for you.

While it offers extravagant behavior and practical jokes, it is also known for it’s delectable meals especially the all-you-can-eat skillets. My most recent trip to Disney was for a training session and we were lucky to enjoy lunch reservations here for all the agents and I’m happy to share my experience.

Upon sitting down the antics began and laughing commenced with the traditional throwing of napkins and straws to our table, followed by a selfie with our waiter Craig. Next, my friend was ready for her first refill to which our waiter brought her a gallon size glass Mason jar of Diet Coke, that was literally so big and heavy she couldn’t pick it up. See the pictures below. From here it was picking between the waiters and waitresses along with Craig constantly asking us how many likes he was getting on social media. Of course, being the dedicated travel agents we all are, we kept checking our phones to be sure our clients were okay and how many likes Craig was getting, but little did we know how much trouble this would lead to. At one point we all got our phones put into “jail” aka they were all taken to the kitchen and saran wrapped to a plate and then brought back to our table where we instructed not to touch them until the meal was over. Well we thought that was in good fun so my friend broke them out! Shortly later it was myself that Craig blamed to which I was put in jail, quite literally this time. A photo prop was brought out complete with jail bars, see picture below, and my friends got to decide what I had to do to get out. Of course no Western themed restaurant would be complete without a wooden horse right?!   So my “friends” decided that I had to take a lap around the entire place on the horse and allowing for a totally priceless moment! At the end of the meal Craig brought out a chicken bucket for my friends gigantic diet coke, it was the perfect finale to hands down one of the best meals I’ve had at Disney. Now there are few “regular jokes” this cast does and I don’t want to spoil everything, but do make sure someone in your group asks for ketchup.


Now for those of you interested in the food, trust me it doesn’t disappoint. The café offers a full menu to order from, however I suggest the all-you-can-eat skillets. For lunch and dinner they start with cornbread and salad progressing to chicken, ribs, pulled pork, baked beans, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. Please know if there is someone in your group with an allergy, especially gluten they have many choices including the cornbread and bbq sauces. If by chance you still have room for dessert there are plenty of American classics to choose from including the seasonal fruit cobbler, cheesecake, apple caramel tart and their signature campfire-style gooey cake. Is your mouth watering yet?

Now for the details, remember reservations can be made 180 days in advance and it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. If utilizing the dining plan this location requires one table service credit.

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Courtney Burnside