Now that you know WHAT pin trading is (Forgot to read my blog last month? Do not fear! Check it out here! Disney Pin Trading 101) and WHY you should give it a try, today we are going to cover some tips for good pin trading etiquette.


1. Thou shall not attempt to trade “bad” pins. Pins need to be in good condition. If you wouldn’t want it in your collection then do not attempt to trade it!

2. Thou shall trade pins ONE at a time. Once your have done your first hand to hand transaction, you may trade another.

3. Thou shall only trade twice with the same cast member per day. Found a cast member who has the lanyard of your dreams? You absolutely LOVE every one of his/her pins? Do not try to completely replace their collection with yours. No worries! You might see them again during your trip!

4. Thou shall keep the back on the pin during your trade. Safety first people! You don’t want to stab yourself or the cast member.

5. Thou shall not offer money for pins. They don’t want your money. They want your pins!

6. Thou shall not try and trade for pins on a cast member’s name tag. Hands off!

7. Thou shall not trade with a teal lanyard UNLESS you are between the ages of 3 and 12.

8. Thou shall not touch/grab the lanyard of others. Cast members will hold their lanyards out for you to get a better look at their pins. Choking a cast member is not a good thing.

9. Thou shall be polite. Please and thank you go a long way!

10. Thou shall have loads of fun! Last but not least being polite is a must, after all, it is the happiest place on earth!

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