Dining reservations at popular Walt Disney World restaurants can be difficult to get. Check out the following tips to make your dining reservation experience less stressful and faster.

  1. Be prepared to make your dining reservations at 6 a.m., 180 days before your arrival date, via your mydisneyexperience.com account.

You can also call Disney to make your dining reservations, BUT the lines don’t open until 7! Early bird gets the worm!

Even at 180 days before, many of the more sought after restaurants such as Be Our Guest will NOT be available. How can this be? Let me explain. 180 days before your arrival you can make the dining reservations for your ENTIRE vacation, up to 10 days. So for instance, guests who arrive just one day before you have already have had access to some if not all of the dining reservations for your travel dates.

So to help combat this, try tip number 2.

  1. Choose a date near the end of your trip for the most popular restaurant on you list.
  2. Make your reservations in order of popularity. The most popular first of course!
  3. Make sure you have created your mydisneyexperience.com account before the day you have access to making your dining reservations.
  4. Make sure your credit card, billing address, and cell number are saved in your mydisneyexperience account BEFORE you attempt to make reservations.

Having this info stored beforehand will help speed up the process because you have to enter all of the above after EVERY reservation. If it’s saved you won’t have to keep on entering it over and over, wasting precious time!

  1. Keep trying. If you don’t get every reservation right off the bat, don’t give up! You might be able to find it before your trip. You do have 180 days to keep trying!
  1. Want to avoid all of the above? Use a good travel agent! NOT just ANY travel agent though. You need one who specializes in Disney. A good agent will already know which restaurants are the most popular. No research for you! A good agent will make them for you! No getting up at early!

I am not guaranteeing that a travel agent will ALWAYS be able to secure ALL of your reservations, BUT I do know that Travel With The Magic agents, myself included, will do our best!

Want help with your Disney dining reservations? I can help! My name is Lizeth and I am a Disney Travel Specialist. Contact me at Lizeth@TravelWithTheMagic.com, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.