If you can’t make it to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, no worries – You can still grab these fall treats at the Magic Kingdom! But hurry… they will vanish after Halloween!

Let’s start in Tomorrowland where you can find 2 surprising fan favorites!

  1. Candy Corn Cotton Candy


I consider myself a Cotton Candy Connoisseur. So, I was extremely interested in trying this special Disney flavor! The Cotton Candy is not exactly Candy Corn flavored… but, you will find Citrus, Passion Fruit and Pina Colada flavors spun into the sugar. Just look for the snack kiosks in Tomorrowland and you will find my new favorite Cotton Candy!

  1. Candy Corn Milkshake


Auntie Gravity ‘s Galactic Goodies is the host of the Candy Corn Milkshake! Trying this milkshake took some nerve because I just wasn’t sure about it at all! But it was actually delicious!   It’s a rich, creamy, velvety vanilla flavored milkshake topped with a dollop of cotton candy and adorned with a Mickey Mouse Marshmallow! Really fun treat that will fill you up!

The fun is not just in Tomorrowland, though, you can find more treats on Main Street!

  1. Scary Cake Pops


I was delighted to see that the Main Street Confectionary had all the Halloween Treats you could want! From Candy Apples to Rice Krispy Treats to Cake Pops. And who can pass up little bites of chocolate cake – especially when they are decked out for Halloween!

  1. Not-So-Poison Poison Apple Cup Cake


Now you know I love my Coffee! So, on my afternoon trek to Starbucks, located inside The Main Street Bakery, I found this Not-So-Poison Poison Apple Cup Cake!   Oh it definitely put a spell on me! Hidden inside was a delicious apple cake full of apple chunks and fall spices! The Best Treat of all – Yummy!

Be sure and bring a BIG appetite as you head to the Magic Kingdom this fall! There are many more treats just waiting for you to find! Need more details on seasonal confections in the Magic Kingdom? contact me for more information: