I always loved doing the Dessert Parties during Star Wars Weekend, so I was excited to try this new opportunity at Hollywood Studios!


Here are my 4 Reasons you should do it too!

  1. It’s Inside:

Moving the Dessert Party inside means you don’t have to worry about rain or inclement weather!   We are in Florida and you never know when the next thunderstorm will roll through or an unexpected freeze will occur in the winter.   If the fireworks are canceled, you still will be able to enjoy the exclusive Star Wars Party!

The Launch Bay was the perfect place to set up the festivities!


  1. The Food and Drinks!

Of course it’s desserts: they were awesome!


But, it was so much more! There will be plenty of drinks for everyone: alcoholic and non alcoholic! All you can drink!


And I was happy to see staple food such as hummus, black bean dip, cheese, veggies and fruit!


  1. Plenty of Time

There was more than enough time to enjoy the party and see the characters and shop! With an hour and 15 minutes for the party, numerous party-goers branched out to see Chewie and Kylo and buy something extra in the gift shop!


  1. Exclusive View

15 Minutes prior to the show, you are led out of the Launch Bay by Storm Troopers to your reserved viewing.   It is so nice to walk outside and see all of those people that have been waiting for hours for that “perfect spot” knowing that you didn’t have to do it!


The Galactic Spectacular is not a fireworks show. It is a combination of fireworks, lasers, projections and sound. It is really impressive! If you are new to Star Wars or a life-time fan, you will really enjoy this Disney Extra!


Know Before You Go

-Advanced Payment is required

$58.63 plus tax per adult

$33.20 plus tax per child 3 to 9

– You will be standing for the party and the show

– Dining Plans not accepted

– Check in is at the Launch Bay

Ready for a Star Wars Party? Let me plan your galactic vacation today!