You have heard of Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise but have you heard of Adventures by Disney?  Adventures by Disney is an exclusive VIP tour of destinations around the world.  Our Adventures by Disney was called New York City Dreams and was a 3-night adventure in New York City.

We arrived the day before and checked into the Manhattan Club hotel on 56th Street.  My husband and I spent our first day exploring New York City before our tour began.  We walked to Times Square, which is only a few short blocks away.  Then we walked to the Empire State building and went up to the 86th floor to view New York City.  That evening, we walked to the Hudson River and took a Harbor lights cruise of the city.  We even went and saw the Statue of Liberty lit up at night.

New York City Cruise

Liberty at night

Our Adventures by Disney started Thursday morning at 9:00am at the Manhattan Club longue on the 26th floor.  We had breakfast and met our 2 tour guides – Christine and Stefan.  After breakfast we were picked up right in front of the hotel and taken on The Ride.  The Ride is an interactive 90 minute tour of NYC.  We had 2 tour guides who showed us the sites and sounds of New York.  We even met actors along the tour.

The Ride

After The Ride, we were taken to lunch at John’s Pizzeria in Times Square.  John’s Pizzeria is the largest pizzeria in the country.  We dined on pizza, salads and desserts.


Lunch ended and we were picked up right outside John’s Pizzeria and driven down to the 9/11 Museum and Memorial.   Driving down to lower Manhattan you imagine where you were on 9/11.   Our bus dropped us off in front of the two largest man made waterfalls in the world.  The waterfalls are where the twin towers once stood.

World Trade Center

We were given tickets to go inside the 9/11 Museum.  Words cannot describe how your heart feels going down the escalators into the museum.   Traveling down the escaladers your view is of 2 beams that were inside the twin towers.

World Trade Center beams

There is a 9/11 app that you can load onto your smart phone and you walk around the museum listening to information about the exhibits.

This exhibit shows what people thought the sky looked like on 9/11.  There was every shade of blue I could ever imagine.

what the sky looked like

This beam was the last beam moved from the original site of the towers.  It still had flyers taped on it of people missing from 9/11.

last beam

We spent over 2 hours in the museum but we could of spent all day exploring and remembering 9/11.  After leaving the 9/11 Museum we met back up with our guides and were handed passes to the top of the new One World Trade Center building observatory on the 100 – 102 floors.  The views were beautiful.

One World Trade Center

WTC view

After leaving the 9/11 Museum we took a private bus to the Tribeca Grill.  We were taken in to a private room at the Tribeca Grill.   One of the co-owners, Martin Shapiro, came and talked to our group.  He told us the story of his restaurant and even talked about 9/11 and how the Tribeca Grill provided food for the first responders.

Tribecca Grill

At the end of the night, we were exhausted.   The private bus brought us back to the hotel and we were told to be up and ready for an exciting day 2 at 6:00am.

Stay tuned for my next blog – day 2 Chasing Dreams!