The newest vacation in the Adventures by Disney portfolio has been many years in the making. During the creation of Disney’s newest animated feature, Frozen, animators and other Disney Cast Members traveled to Norway for inspiration. After working closely with, Adventures by Disney decided to help guests explore the natural wonders of this beautiful country.

Norway is a majestic country, rich in natural beauty and home to 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites. From fjords to the Northern Lights, the experiences in Norway are truly a year round adventure. Norwegians are proud of their ties to nature and a common phrase used to describe Norwegian food is “farm to table”. From cod and salmon to cherries and reindeer, all of the food you will eat on your adventure is grown in Norway.

Adventures by Disney is an amazing travel experience. They provide a hassle free, immersive vacation and allow you to visit off the beaten path to locations you might not even know existed if you were to visit the country on your own.

Your adventure starts in Bergen where you will raft in Voss followed by a private barbeque at a charming hotel. You will experience a Fjord Safari, cheese tasting, troll stories and more before you transfer to Geiranger. In Geiranger, you will visit one of the many Stave Churches whose architecture inspired the animators of Frozen to create the town of Arrendelle. And these adventures are just the beginning!

The Adventures by Disney Norway vacation includes 8 days of adventure. One of the magical, hassle-free experiences is that you don’t have to worry about your luggage! As you transfer from location to location, your Adventure Guides will help take care of the details. There is even a special night where Junior Adventurers are treated to their own special activity so the adults can have a private grownup meal. You can even add on extra days in Oslo at the beginning or end of your adventure.

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