Grabbing All The Medals was a goal I set out to obtain in 2015 when a series of exciting races were announced: runDisney’s Kessel Run Challenge and Castle to Chateau Challenge!

If you know me, you know that I’ve been a Big Star Wars Fan since it all began. I saw Star Wars: A New Hope with my Dad at the Joy Theater in New Orleans. Unlike the Joy Theater, which was destroyed in Katrina, our memories of seeing that movie will last forever and have helped build the Fan Girl you see today! So, when the Kessel Run Challenge was announced, I had to do it! Then, when they added the Castle to Chateau Challenge, well I had to do that, too!

It’s a simple goal, that you, too, can obtain!


The Kessel Run Challenge:

To achieve this medal you must complete the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon in Disneyland and the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon in Walt Disney World.   You can add in the 10K at both races for the Rebel Challenge and Dark Side Challenge Medals, and the 5K to bring the whole family into the Force!

The Castle to Chateau Challenge:

To achieve this medal you must complete a Half Marathon in either Disneyland or Walt Disney World and complete the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon.   I used the Dark Side Half Marathon for my Castle run, but you can use any of the many races available on either coast.

Bonus: Coast to Coast Challenge:

A bonus for me was also achieving the Coast to Coast Challenge Medal this year! By running a race at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, I added this honor to my other amazing medals!

To say it was easy to do, would be to mislead you: it wasn’t. I struggled with physical issues all year, but never gave up. But, that is the runDisney model: to set a goal and achieve the impossible – to find the Pixie Dust behind every obstacle and make your dreams come true!


Are you ready to add the Force to your Fitness Plans in 2017?

Both the Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon and Dark Side Half Marathon are still open for registration! The Kessel Run Medal can be yours!

Are you ready to fly like Tinker Bell and take both Coasts and Continents by Storm?   Sign-up for the 2017 race year is just beginning, it’s not too late to plan!

I’ve been enjoying races with runDisney since 2008 and creating a runVacation for my whole family! Contact me for more information on planning yours!