I am always looking for something new to include in each of my own Disney vacations. Now that I am a mom, I have a whole new list of experiences on my Disney “bucket list” and this experience has been on my list long before I became a mom. It’s been so fun to see Disney through my daughter’s eyes and include her in our trip planning. She has been in need of a haircut for quite some time so we decided to book her first haircut at none other than Disney’s Magic Kingdom!


Where: The Harmony Barber Shop is located in Magic Kingdom on Main Street USA but is hard to spot since it’s tucked away in the corner and it’s not right on the “main” part of Main Street. In fact, it’s ALMOST part of town square and actually faces out toward the Train Station and City Hall. When you first walk into the Magic Kingdom, head left and into the corner of the square. Look for the red and white barber pole and you are there! It’s a tiny shop with just 3 chairs and a small seating area. It’s tucked away from the hustle and bustle and as soon as you walk in, you feel at home.


What: Baby’s First Haircut Package! We booked the first haircut package knowing that our 14 month old would definitely need a haircut by then. And boy did she ever! (check out the before picture!) She needed one much sooner than our trip dates but I really wanted to mark the occasion at Walt Disney World so we held off until our visit and I am so glad we did.

The package includes baby’s first mickey ears with “1st Haircut” embroidered on the back, a certificate, and a pouch with baby’s locks of hair and some pixie dust.

Mitra was our barber for the day and she was fantastic! All of the barbers are very experienced with first haircuts. She talked with me about how much to cut and what type of a cut we wanted. She faced our daughter toward us so she couldn’t look in the mirror and see what was happening with the scissors and hair! Mitra was so gentle and relaxed with our daughter that she didn’t even know she was getting her hair cut. Mitra had a light up Tinkerbell toy for her to play with and that kept her attention most of the time. We held her once so Mitra could get a better look at the back of the head. All in all, it was SO much easier than I expected and only took about 10 minutes.


How Much: This is one the BEST deals at Disney. The first haircut package is $25 total. That includes the Mickey ears, certificate, and the pixie dusted pouch with your baby’s locks of hair. Oh! And don’t forget the memories! SUCH fun and sweet memories of her first haircut at our favorite place. $25 is a steal and the memories are priceless. Just a haircut is $18 for children and $19 for adults so at $25, the package is definitely worth doing.



  • Call ahead to make an appointment. They do accept walk-ins and they say it’s not usually a long wait. However, if you KNOW you want to do the haircut package, go ahead and schedule it so that you have minimal wait time and know for sure you will get in. Your travel agent can schedule this for you or you can call (407) WDW-PLAY to make your appointment starting 180 days in advance.
  • Hair should be clean for your appointment so keep that in mind when scheduling. If you are there in the summer heat, you may want to schedule your haircut for some time in the morning before everyone gets hot and sweaty!
  • Try to make the appointment for a time when you know your child will not be hungry or tired. First thing in the morning or after a nap seems to work well and before they get overstimulated by all the park activities. It’s convenient that the Barber Shop is so close to the entrance, you can walk into the park and go straight there before getting too distracted.
  • Bring help! My husband helped keep our daughter in the chair and entertained while Mitra cut her hair and I took pictures. If possible, be sure to have at least 2 people there with the child getting the haircut. It is a small seating and waiting area so don’t overdo it. The family just before us had about 10 people there to watch one haircut. It was sweet, but quite crowded and a bit overwhelming. So, make it a family affair! Just remember it’s not a big space.
  • Don’t make too big a deal about what is about to happen. I told our daughter that she would get to sit in the big chair and Mitra was going to play with her hair while she played with the toy. It’s easy to get excited and put pressure on something you have been anticipating, especially if you want to take pictures of the event. I think children pick up on that and can feel overwhelmed. The barbers are very professional and very experienced with first haircuts. They are used to children being scared or unsure. So, if your child cries, don’t worry! They will distract them with stickers, songs, pixie dust, toys, whatever it takes.  beforeandafter
  • Don’t worry about bringing anything specific to use as a distraction; the barbers are well prepared and most children will be interested in something they don’t have already.
  • Bring cash. If you stay at a Walt Disney World resort, you can pay for the package with your magic band and charge It to your room. But, you will need cash for a tip. You cannot add the tip on with the magic band like you can do at meals so don’t forget to bring some cash with you for the barber.

As you can see, this was a great experience for all of us. And, our daughter has a sweet haircut to show for it. The before and after pictures amaze me. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone traveling with an infant or toddler on an upcoming Disney vacation!

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