Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is an African themed deluxe resort. Its major appeal is the opportunity for guests to view wildlife grazing outside their rooms and public areas, BUT this resort is so much more. It offers so many resort activities that you COULD and SHOULD spend a day of your Disney vacation just taking advantage of these awesome “extras.” This list is not exhaustive of all the fun, BUT it does contain what I would call my Animal Kingdom Lodge Bucket List.

1. Cultural Tour of Sanaa. Sanaa is a table service restaurant located in the Kidani section of the Animal Kingdom resort area. It specializes in African cooking with Indian flavors AND has an amazing view of the wildlife. During this tour you are guided by a cultural representative and delve into the inspiration behind this unique restaurant AND even ends with a tasty treat!

2. Wine Tasting at Jiko the cooking place. I don’t have to explain this one do I? Wine… that’s all.

3. Miniature Cake Decorating at Sanaa Restaurant. Cake…that’s all.

4. Night Vision Animal Viewing. From Sundown until 9:30pm you can don night vision goggles and watch animals roam. Yes I said it! Night Vision goggles!

5. Medallion Rubbing. The floor of the Jambo House contains several medallions. Create your own artistic rubbing!

6. Culinary Tour – Boma- Flavors of Africa and Jiko – The cooking place. Not sure about eating at Boma or Jiko? Not sure if African food is for you? Take this tour! It will guide you thru these two highly rated Disney restaurants and give you a little insight into what they have to offer.

7. Animal activities. Animal Kingdom Lodge has MANY animal themed activities. Here are a few I would LOVE to partake in.

a. Animal Tracking- use real scientific equipment to learn how experts track wildlife.

b. Flamingo Activity- learn about the feeding strategies of pelicans and flamingos.

8. Night Safari. This tour is NOT FREE, but a portion of the fee is donated to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. This tour is exclusive to guests of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Partake in an hour long excursion complete with night vision goggles.

I can’t wait to tackle my Animal Kingdom Lodge Bucket List. Stay tuned! Again this list is NOT exhaustive of all the recreational activities that the Animal Kingdom Lodge has to offer. Upon arrival make sure you check out your Recreational Calendar! Planning a trip to Disney? Want help with your Disney bucket list? I can help! Contact me at, on Facebook or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.