Disneyland love

Our 23rd Anniversary was just a week away. We rarely do anything big and splashy for our anniversary, usually just a special dinner out or at the most, an overnight hotel stay downtown. And besides, this was not even a “special” year like 25th Anniversary or even better, a 50th Golden Anniversary. But who’s to say it’s not special to mark staying married for 23 consecutive years?! Anyway, I was surprised when my husband said, “Let’s go to Disneyland for our Anniversary!” He knew I’d been itching to go to Disneyland for a while. You don’t have to ask me twice! “Yes” was my immediate answer (kind of like when he asked me to marry him all those years ago).

The kids weren’t too heartbroken when we told them they could stay with their college age sister, eat all the ice cream they wanted, and there might have been financial gain promised if the house was all in one piece when we returned!

We flew into John Wayne Airport and headed past his celebrated statue to the shuttle bus. It was a sunny afternoon and a short drive to Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. We were greeted by friendly cast members and headed for the front desk to check in. The front desk cast member was especially happy and we fell into a conversation. When we explained we were celebrating our anniversary, he immediately pulled out two “Anniversary” pins and gave them to us. We put on our buttons, stored our luggage with the bell staff, and headed across the street to one of our favorite places in the world, Disneyland!

Everywhere we went at the hotel, at the bag search, at the park gate, the Disney photographers, and throughout the park, all the cast members called out, “Happy Anniversary!” It made us feel so special, almost like they were celebrating with us.


Later that evening, we went back to rest a few minutes at the hotel. That’s one of the joys of staying at a Disneyland Resort- your room is just a few minutes’ walk away. When we walked into our room, we found a wonderful surprise waiting for us- some sweet cast member had spelled out “LOVE” on the bed with rose petals. I was blown away! That is some of the best customer service I’ve experienced anywhere in the world.


We spent the remainder of our Anniversary trip enjoying the fabulous attractions in both Disneyland and California Adventure parks. It was kind of funny to walk by parents disciplining their kids and know we didn’t have to do that this trip! We saw the parades, the shows, had pictures with our favorite characters, and enjoyed the delicious food. It was one of my favorite Disney trips to date.

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