Exploring a new destination, new world or new Galaxy and immersing yourself in the culture of its citizens is an immensely rewarding experience. But it can be even more rewarding if we take care to observe the customs of the places we visit. And visiting Batuu is no different:  the locals are essentially hosting you on their home Planet!

Here are 5 pointers that I picked up on my recent travels to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu!

First of all, the people of Batuu are Batuuans and they speak Batuuese.  It sounds very similar to English; however, the local dialect can be hard to understand at times.  And since most of the 1400 inhabitants of the Black Spire Outpost have never been off-world (never left Batuu) the things that we take for granted, that are normal, everyday lingo are just phrases they don’t grasp.  They are not shy to tell you they don’t understand, so just be patient:  Batuuans are very friendly and love to talk!

This leads me to my Second point, local phrases newcomers to Batuu need to know!

“Bright Suns” = “Good Morning”

“Rising Moons” = “Good Evening”

“On Planet” = On Batuu

“Refresher” = “Bathroom”

“Hydrator” = “Water Fountain”

“Ignite the Spark” = Greeting for the Resistance

“Light the Fire” = A Resistance reply to “Ignite the Spark”

“Only the Ancients Know” = “I don’t know”

“Til the Spire” = “Farewell” or “Goodbye” or “Until We Meet Again”

“Good journey” = An Informal Goodbye

“May the Spires Keep You” = A Formal Goodbye

“Padawans” = Children who are strong in the Force

“Good Run” = “Good Luck”

If you are still uncertain about what to say or you just don’t understand what is going on, just simply say “Only the Ancients know” and move on.

Thirdly, you must remember The First Order is still in power and have set up a temporary Command Post in Docking Bay 9 of The Black Spire Outpost.  It can be a dangerous place, and as a visitor, you may be asked to declare your allegiance to the Resistance, swear loyalty to the First Order or simply remain neutral and be a scoundrel.  I suggest that you decide before you land on Batuu what your story will be.  And remember, the First Order is trying to find everyone that is supporting the Resistance.  Please don’t announce that you are looking for “where to get a lightsaber” – this would definitely give you away and may lead the First Order to Savi’s Workshop!  Simply ask a local “where can I buy Scrap?”:  They will know what you mean!

Forth, while Batuuese sounds like English, their written language is Galactic Basic.  Galactic Basic, or Galactic Standard or simply known as Basic, is the standard language of the Galaxy.   You will find many cargo containers, doors, shop signs, all written in Basic.  Your Data Pad (Play Disney App) will convert Basic for you.  Unfortunately, it will only work while on Batuu.  I have, however, included a Basic Converter below for your use while on Earth.  It will come in handy as you look over your memories from your trip!

Local Batuu Galactic Basic

And last but not least, our attire can be somewhat confusing.  Battuans are eager to understand and learn new cultures, so you may need to be prepared to explain What-In-The-Galaxy you are wearing!  I, for one, was questioned on how did I obtain my Wookiee Hat – Did I kill a Wookiee??  I calmly had to elaborate that Wookiees shed a lot, and I simply wove their wonderful fur into a hat.

Local Batuu Wookie Ears

These are just a few common custom and habits we need to keep in mind while visiting Batuu:  Just remember to go with the flow, and learn as you go!

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