Good Morning! So todays challenge is to come up with 10 post ideas and use the method of Mind Mapping. I had never tried this before and I worked on it alittle bit this morning and it did help. The more blogs that I read from the ladies on SITSgirls the more ideas I come up with and its been fun reading and discovering them all. I have come up with some ideas that I had not thought of at all but with my blog I want to keep it about travel, Disney, tips, pics, and links. I want to it to be about helping people on there next Disney vacation or even just telling people what I love about Disney. I would love to post about politics, my kids, things that happen to me, or my thoughts on the latest news story but its not really appropriate in this setting.

Mini shout out here:
I am learning so much from this blog!   Lynda is great and her tips about Google Analytics and WordPress are really helping me look at who comes to site, what they look at and so much more.  Thank you Lynda!

One of my favorite ideas in trying the mind mapping was to post a list once a week of my favorite places at Disney World. I have over 35 trips to the world so I have tons of pics and places I love going. I can take my list a step further and write about why they are favorites and maybe ask people to post there favorite pic or place in return.