//Day 12 #31DBBB – Develop An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

Day 12 #31DBBB – Develop An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

So Lynda who I told you about in my last post has posted a link to an editorial calendar that seems like it would be great for helping you with your posting and keeping me organized. Now this seems like it would help someone like me who is trying (I really am LOL) this whole blogging thing. Anyways…

For me I am not sure this plug in will even work. My whole website was built in WordPress and yes I have a blog on here but its not really set up like a blog. I have NO idea how to fix it and I am working on making some changes to my site but I don’t know when its all said done if the blog should move with the site or stay here go to blogger? If you know please tell me LOL I posted some more info on the forums for the SITSgirls.

I think that a schedule would be good for me because I usually sit down and write or I think of ideas and then forget them. I have been trying to write them down and go back and work on them but that’s been tough for me. I am working alot and my business is growing and I have am married and have kids so the plate is full. So I do think that this would be helpful in many ways to me.


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