I have to admit I do not go to the Mall that much. I am just not a shopping kinda gal. I go in and get what I need and leave as quickly as I can. I get the point of the exercise though since I was in retail management for over 10 years. The concept is designed to make you look at how brick and mortar businesses handle there marketing. It can’t hurt to take a break from the computer recharge your batteries and get some fresh perspective.

So like I said I do not go to the mall really but when I do it is always interesting to see the window displays when I am there. The windows and that front table are what will DRAW people in as they pass by. You have to something clean, neat, full, crisp it is all about the details up front. So I guess if I was using that to help me with my blog I could use it a few different ways. I guess I could get some ideas from the mall but I have been getting so many just reading all the blogs from the other ladies here on SITSgirls. I have found some that I love reading but that also look really cool. I also get ideas from reading message boards about what other people are looking for about Disney and I get ideas by asking my kids questions about things they love at Disney.