So today is day 4 sorry this was so late but I had alot to do today! So I decided to look at Disney Deans blog and that is
It really is a great Disney blog with so much information.

Today’s questions:

1) Which of the areas discussed in today’s task are you most interested in studying about your niche and why?

I really want to learn about it all. I know its easy to say that but I know my blog needs work. I need a new design and want to improve SEO, traffic, interaction with readers, and content. Up until recently I was only posting deals here and I wasn’t using it for much else. I decided I wanted to change that and this challenge and the SITSgirls came along it is a process and it wont happen overnight. I want to change because I know it can do better and I think it will help my website, my knowledge, and my business.

2) What’s one thing you could do to improve your blog after studying the top blogs in your niche?

Everything LOL I mean there are so many things I want to change. But there are so many things about Disney I want to write about. It is easy to write about resorts, dining and deals. I want to write about my first stay, the art classes I took there as a kid, and other special experiences that are unique to me. I think that those give insight to why I love Disney.