Good Evening

So today’s challenge was to read the 27 links to articles, blogs and posts that will help you with your blog and website. These links were in the Problogger book so I am not going to post them here. I will say they are fab but if you want them you should get the book. Here is where you can get the book.

I have read each one at least once now and several were VERY helpful. I found myself writing notes so that I wouldn’t forget to go back and see how I could use it to help me. It was worth the time to read them all. I cant honestly just pick a few that I loved but I tried to when I posted on the SITSgirls forum. This is where we check in daily and talk about the days challenge and what we think and you can link a post to your blog. It is a wonderful forum full of supportive people and I am finding some very funny blogs!

If you are interested in this challenge you should come by I have seen some posts from people who have come on in the last few days. I am not sure how they are handling it but hey the worst someone can say is no.