Good Evening

So today the challenge was to write a link post. I read several really great blogs today you read them all here. But here a couple I really liked.

Her section called Attitude of Gratitude is VERY COOL!

This blog had me laughing my you know what off and the baby is ADORABLE!!

There are so many Disney blogs, websites and message boards out there right now if you are looking for information about planning a Disney vacation or just like reading about Disney it can be overwhelming. Here are some of my favorites that I like reading for a variety of reasons.

Getting on my HUGE soap box and if you know me you know its HUGE:
Many unofficial Disney message boards, fan sites, podcasts, and blogs all have there own “travel sponsor” that will advertise with them and I know I will get some emails/feedback/complaints from some people about the links to sites that have travel sponsors that are not Travel with the Magic. I truly believe that there is enough business out there for everyone. If you don’t agree that’s cool but keep the negativity to yourself I don’t need it.
Getting off of my soapbox.

So here are some great Disney blogs and sites to check out.

Disney Dean has great writing, pics, and more on his blog. Check him out on Twitter as well.

There is one word for Deb Willis it is awesome. This is a great site they have it all and Deb is always raising money for great causes.

The Disney Food Blog~ They know there stuff and they are nice and I like that.

If you want to stay at the Polynesian Resort you have to check out Steve’s Tikiman Site all about Disney’s Polynesian Resort. It is an amazing resource and Steve is a great guy. The Unofficial Polynesian Resort website.

In the interest of full disclosure this next site is run by one of my closest friends Channing Wilson. Like Steve’s site all about the Poly Channing’s site is all about the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa at Disney. The Grand Floridian or the GF as we call it is Disney World’s flagship resort and Channing pretty much has it all on her site you wont find anything like it out there. The Unofficial Grand Floridian Resort and Spa website.

Here are a few more sites I like…. Friendly and welcoming message board about Disney planning and more.

Listen to Disney Music

Growing up Disney by Amy and her family. Its a great blog with pics, tips and more.

Two words Lou Mongello

Love Jim Hills site