2013 January, 10

Flying Fish Café… a Hidden Gem?

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Flying Fish Café is a restaurant that does not get a lot of love in the Disney Community. Now let me preface this statement by saying I do not mean that Flying Fish receives poor reviews. What I mean is that it is not a restaurant that a casual Disney fan has heard much about. Personally Disney thinks that they have the “best kept secret” however for me Flying Fish is my “best kept Disney Secret”. As I strolled down the Boardwalk on a midsummer's evening I had butterflies in my stomach in anticipation for my meal at Flying Fish [...]

2010 September, 18

Why you should consider using a Disney Travel Agent?

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Why you should consider using a Disney Travel Agent? So are you thinking of planning a vacation to Disney World, Disneyland or even sailing away on a Disney Cruise Line vacation? If so you should consider using a travel agent. I know what you are thinking “Why should I pay for a travel agent” well you don’t have to! Planning a Disney Destination vacation can be overwhelming so why not use the free services of someone who knows all about Disney and loves it! At Travel with the Magic we have experienced Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and are [...]

2010 August, 18

Day 29 #31DBBB Develop a Plan to Boost Your Blog’s Profile and Readership Online

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1.) How does the way you build your blog's profile change after reading this task? Well I think for me I need to schedule when I am going to do it and make a list of things to write about. Then I actually have to do it which is the challenge for me. 2.) Give us an example from your strategy! For one site: how much time will you spend there? What are you going to do? When's the site most active? I think that I will spend time on Twitter posting about my blog but I will also continue [...]

2010 August, 18

Day 28 #31DBBB: Write a Review Post

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1) Have you written a review post in the past and if so how was it received? I have not ever written a review post at all. 2) For this challenge, what kinds of things could you see yourself reviewing? If I was going to I would like to write reviews about Resorts and Restaurants. I would love tell people what I think about certain resorts and why I love them and why I don't.

2010 August, 14

New Pizzeria Via Napoli Unveiled at Epcot World Showcase at Walt Disney World Resort

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Patina Restaurant Group has opened a new casual pizzeria, called Via Napoli, adjacent to Tutto Italia Ristorante, its restaurant in the Italy pavilion in Epcot World Showcase at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. This becomes the first authentic Italian pizzeria to ever open in the park. Restaurateur and longtime Patina Restaurant Group CEO Nick Valenti created the Via Napoli concept, based upon his travels in Southern Italy and his time developing and overseeing the successful Naples 45 Ristorante e Pizzeria in New York which was awarded the coveted certification [...]

2010 August, 12

What makes Disney special to you?

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What makes Disney World special to you? I remember my first visit to Disney World, we were staying at the Contemporary Resort. My grandmother and I went and I was hooked! I took some special Art classes and we got a behind the scenes tour as well it just stayed with me after all these years. I have always been close with my grandmother and I am very grateful for so many of the things that she has done for me in my life but this trip always stood out for me. When I started taking my own [...]

2010 August, 5

Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade marches through the Magic Kingdom

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Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom has been extended! I know this is not really new NEWS but it looks amazing and now I will have a chance to see it! * Tinker Bell leads the eye-filling procession, waving from the basket of a balloon floating gracefully above a magical garden shimmering in fairy light. * Pinocchio and the boys from the classic film’s Pleasure Island sequence join the parade, and Snow White joins the Seven Dwarfs on a diamond mine float. * There are new lighting effects, and the parade’s highly recognizable musical theme is brightened [...]

2010 July, 26

Day 7 #31DBBB Write a link post

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Good Evening So today the challenge was to write a link post. I read several really great blogs today you read them all here. But here a couple I really liked. http://patrice0x0x.blogspot.com/ Her section called Attitude of Gratitude is VERY COOL! This blog had me laughing my you know what off and the baby is ADORABLE!! http://1000reasonsimabadmom.com/ There are so many Disney blogs, websites and message boards out there right now if you are looking for information about planning a Disney vacation or just like reading about Disney it can be overwhelming. Here are some of my favorites that I [...]

2010 July, 13

Disney Dining Seasonal Price Increases

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Seasonal price increases at The Walt Disney World Resort is something that people just seem to forget about when planning a vacation to Disney.  Disney was doing this for awhile around Thanksgiving and Christmas but it is more wide spread.  Basically the way this works is that during certain times of year the Walt Disney World Resort will become busier and certain dining locations will see an increase in guests wanting to dine there.  If you choose to travel to Disney during those dates you will pay more to eat at certain places.  The cost has gone up around $4.00 per [...]

2010 July, 5

Growing up Disney Blog

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Good Morning Everyone, So I recently started reading this blog called "Growing up Disney" I found the link on Twitter.  I love the old pictures and tips for families. I remember my first trip to Disney and how much it impacted me.  Once I had my own kids I couldn't wait to take them to the Happiest Place on Earth. I recently spoke with the Amy who runs this blog with members of her family and here is what she had to say about her  blog. Growing Up Disney began after we returned from a trip to Walt Disney World [...]

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