Disney World Florida

Cinderella Castle

What makes Disney World special to you?

I remember my first visit to Disney World, we were staying at the Contemporary Resort. My grandmother and I went and I was hooked! I took some special Art classes and we got a behind the scenes tour as well it just stayed with me after all these years. I have always been close with my grandmother and I am very grateful for so many of the things that she has done for me in my life but this trip always stood out for me. When I started taking my own family to Disney it became even more special to me and I love that my children look forward to being there. Here are some pictures from that first stay and a few others. I love the feeling I get when I walk up Main St and see the Cinderellas castle at the start of trip. There are certain resorts, restaurants, and attractions that are special to my family and that are must “dos” on each stay and it all started with my 1st stay.

So tell me what makes Disney special to you?