My favorite Disney vacation souvenir is by far… PHOTOS!

If you are a seasoned Walt Disney World traveler you may be familiar with Disney’s PhotoPass system and the Memory Maker product. Disney Cruise Line’s photo system is a completely different animal. Intrigued? If you are, here we go! Are you ready!?



Similar to Memory Maker, you can pre-purchase your Disney Cruise Line photos, and receive a discount on SELECT PACKAGES. Purchasing your photos ahead of time will save you time too! Those lines at Shutters can get long, especially the final night of your cruise!

If you are considering pre-purchasing your Disney Cruise Line photos, go to the following site and check out pricing and details for your particular sailing. *Pre-cruise orders must be placed 24 hours before 12:00am of your first sailing day. No orders can be placed past this time. If your sailing is on a Saturday you must place an order before midnight Thursday.


There are basically THREE types of photography products you can purchase from your Disney cruise.

  1. DIGITAL FILES. You can buy all of your cruise photos as digital files! They slap them on a USB and you pick them up the final morning of your cruise before you disembark the boat. This is what my family went with!
  2. PRINTED PHOTOS. Every photo you take while on the boat is PRINTED. Yes even the ones where your eyes are closed! You can buy them ALL or just pick out your favorites.
  3. PHOTO BOOKS. Just make sure to submit your order before 11:30pm the final night of your cruise.


You can retrieve, review and purchase your cruise photos at Shutters Disney Cruise Line’s onboard photo store. Try and do this BEFORE your final night! It is SUPER busy the final night!

Stayed tuned for my next blog on the retrieval process of your Disney Cruise Line photos!

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