You finally did it… You took the plunge (or are thinking about) and booked your very first Disney Cruise. You WILL NOT be disappointed! Room service is amazing on Disney Cruise Line. Here are 8 things you should to know about room service on Disney Cruise Line.

  1. Room service on Disney Cruise Line is FREE! Let me rephrase that, room service on your Disney Cruise is included in your cruise fare. This is NOT the case for all cruise lines.
  2. Room service on Disney Cruise Line is 24 hours a day! Yes, I said 24 hours a day! If you feel like eating chicken wings at one in the morning, go ahead and order!
  3. Bottled or canned beverages are NOT FREE! This wasn’t a big deal for our family. We just filled our tumblers at one of the beverage stations before returning to our rooms. If bottled water is a must for your family, you also have the option to bring it on the ship with you.
  4. You can order Mickey Mouse ice cream bars! They are not listed on the room service menu and they ARE prepackaged snacks, BUT they are STILL FREE.
  5. Don’t forget to pack dollar bills to tip the attendants who bring your room service. They are not part of the Disney Cruise staff who receive a portion of your suggested gratuities.
  6. Order the “Cake of the day!” What is this madness I speak of? If you order the “Cake of the Day” from room service, they’ll bring you a piece of cake that is different everyday of your cruise. They are small pieces so if you have kids (or even adults…) who don’t like to share, order a couple! (OR a few, no one will judge, I promise!)
  7. Along the same lines of “Cake of the day,” you can order cookies and milk from Disney Cruise Line room service. What a fun way to end your day, munching on cookies, sipping (or chugging for my kids) on milk while you enjoy the breeze from your verandah. Sigh…
  8. Don’t forget to take advantage of room service breakfast! This is a great on days when you just don’t want to go to the dining room, the buffets, OR when you need a little more time to get ready for a shore excursion or onboard activity! You can get ready while the kids feast! All you have to do is place your order on the cards provided in your stateroom. As long as the order is on your door by 3am the morning of, breakfast will be delivered!

PLEASE NOTE: Unless you are staying in a concierge cabin, room service breakfast is NOT delivered on the morning you disembark.

As you can see, Disney Cruise Line room service is pretty awesome! Make sure you fully take advantage of it while on your Disney cruise!

Are you thinking about experiencing a Disney Cruise soon and need a little guidance? I’m your girl! My name is Lizeth and I am an Orlando destination specialist. Contact me at, or by phone at 1-800-670-4312, ext. 143.