Recently I was searching for any new Disney apps on my ipad3 with my eight year old son and we found this.  I don’t really know how new this is but I have to say it was wicked awesome.

screen shot of Disneyland Explorer app

screen shot of Disneyland Explorer app











The app page on iTunes says it was last updated in March 2011 so its not exactly new but hopefully they will do an update soon since the Cars Land area in the app says coming soon and that is now open. We played with the app for several hours and had a great time. You can click on attractions, places, and characters thru out the app. Boxes will pop showing a photo, or a video, or you be presented with a game to play.

Castle at Disneyland

check out the flying Dumbo!










This was my sons favorite part of the app. In the Frontierland section you can click on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and a box will pop up and when you click it the train shows up and as you move your ipad back and forth the train goes back and forth. It is filled with Disney characters and sometimes the last character on the ride has been different. So far we have had Stitch and Woody from Toy Story.

Disneyland park Frontierland









Disneyland Explorer App

Splash Mountain at Disneyland




Toontown in the Disneyland Explorer App


World of Color in the Disneyland Explorer App

World of Color






















This app is so much fun! Last night I went in and it needed an update! The Cars Land section is now available so I will take some pics of that shortly and then post them.