I get a lot of inquiries about the All Star Resort Pools!  Families not only want a great value for their vacation to Disney, but they also want a place where they can take a pool day and get away from parks.  Disney’s All Star Resorts, The Movies, Sports and Music, all have unique, fun and festive pools for your family to enjoy!  Since the Resorts are close walking distance to each other, you can splash at any of these pools.

Each Resort has 2 pools and a Bar Service.

Here’s a look at what you will find …


All Star Music

Pools:  Calypso and Piano

Drinks:  Singing Spirits Pool Bar at the Calypso

The Calypso Pool stars our amigos, The Three Caballeros!  These fun guys – Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and Panchito – create a fountain in the center of the guitar shaped pool.  You will also find a kiddie area in the guitar handle, too!  This is the larger of the pools at the All Star Music, but if you are looking for a quieter place to play, try the Piano pool.  This pool is in the shape of a Grand Piano with tiles made into piano keys!


All Star Sports

Pools:  Surfboard Bay and Grand Slam

Drinks:  Grandstand Spirits Pool Bar at the Surfboard Bay

Surf’s Up at Surfboard Bay – well not actually, but you will feel like you are at the ocean with this wavy shaped pool and the cool Surfboards all around!

And if the surf isn’t your thing, then head on over to the Grand Slam Pool and let Goofy pitch streams of water to you in this baseball-diamond shaped pool!


All Star Movies 

Pools:  Fantasia and Duck Pond Pools

Drinks:  Silver Screen Spirits Bar at the Fantasia Pool

The All Star Movies Resort is my favorite and why wouldn’t it be?  With Sorcerer Mickey cooking up water magic at the Fantasia Pool-  Or just being a Mighty Duck and making a big splash in the hockey rink themed Duck Pond Pool!

Whichever pool you choose, gallons of fun will be waiting for you and your family!

TIP:  Life Jackets are available, Life Guards are on duty, Pools are heated, and Pool Hours Vary.

Ready to take a dip?  Then contact me for more information on all the pools on Disney Property!