Fastpasses are a great way to enjoy Walt Disney World at a faster pace without having to stand in as many lines. There are many tips and tricks that will help you know what you SHOULD do with your fastpasses, but here are five things you SHOULDN’T do. Make sure not to make these mistakes on your next vacation!


1.) Not making them at all/soon enough: If you are a guest at a Walt Disney World Resort, you are able to make three fastpass+ selections for each vacation day up to 60 days prior to your arrival date. I highly recommend doing this as soon as your window opens to get the best selection. Some people don’t even make them at all, which I think is a mistake because it’s free and easy!

2.) Making them for too early in the day: As a general rule of thumb, the parks get progressively busier as the day goes on. This means that if you arrive at park opening, you should be able to ride several rides with short standby lines and not have to “waste” a fastpass+ on them. I shoot for my fastpasses to start around 10:30 or so.

3.) Making them for too late in the day: Just like making fastpasses too early in the day is a mistake, waiting to make them for the late afternoon/evening is a mistake as well because you are not able to make additional fastpass+ selections until you have used all three of your pre booked fastpasses.

4.) Not adding more after the first 3: Some people are unaware that once you use your first three fastpasses, that you can book additional ones, one at a time, right from your My Disney Experience app. This allows you to be able to see a lot more attractions!


5.) Booking non popular attractions: There are some attractions that never have a line, or if they do it’s really short. Be sure not to “waste” a fastpass+ on something with a 10 minute or less standby line. It’s a better use of your fastpass+ to use it on something that typically has an hour long wait!

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