Everyone has a story. Everyone who has been on any kind of Disney vacation has a Magical story. You know what I am talking about; those extra doses of Magic (or Pixie Dust) that make any Disney trip extra special, the experiences that keep you wanting to come back and keep you telling stories again and again. Maybe it was a cast member who went above and beyond, maybe it was an extra magical encounter with your favorite character or a special phone call from Mickey.

Extra Doses of Magic-Real stories from Real Families
I absolutely love hearing these types of stories, so I thought I’d share some recent magic with you. These are real families who traveled to Disney this past year and you are hearing from their point of view.

· “When we checked in at the Wilderness Lodge we asked the front desk if the boys could be a part of raising the flag.  They looked at the schedule and found an opening.  You can’t call ahead and ask for an opening.  Has to be at check in.  It’s only by word of mouth that people know about this.
Mr. Jack met us in the lobby, gave the boys a flag to carry and took us up to the top floor and then out the door to the roof.
It was a panoramic view from the roof.  We raised five different flags.  Mr. Jack told us several little things about some of the national parks and Disney parks.  After we had our time on the roof we got to eat breakfast at club level and then tour the presidential sweet. Very cool morning.”

Flag Raising at the Wilderness Lodge

· “On our daughter’s 5th birthday, we visited Magic Kingdom. When we got back to our resort room, she had a “happy birthday” voicemail from Mickey and his pals. So special!”

· “When my family ate at BOMA, there was a dish that my dad just loved. He asked one of the waiters what was in the dish and the waiter gave a short description of the ingredients (which of course satisfied my dad). Well, what really made it special was that the waiter went back to the kitchen and told the chef that my dad loved the dish. The chef actually came out to our table with a copy of the recipe for my dad to take home! He even told my dad little tricks on how to prepare the dish so he could try it at home! That was really special.”

Boma-Magical encounter with a recipe!

· “My favorite part of the past 2 trips we’ve taken: Disney employees’ attention to their guests! We have celebrated my girls’ birthdays (6th and 8th) on these trips, we’ve stayed on Disney properties both times, and the attention they received from Disney staff has been nothing short of magical! Magic doesn’t have to be huge and flashy. I think it’s more special when it’s subtle and personalized… On one occasion, an employee at the property gift shop went out of his way to check some batteries we were buying, and make sure they were fully functional. On multiple other occasions, we went to other properties for meals, and the Disney employees catered to my girls’ specifically – calling them “Princess,” remembering their names, and making them feel so VISIBLE. They both talk about their experiences on the resort properties MORE than their experiences at the parks we visited. It truly is “the happiest place on earth,” but it’s also the FRIENDLIEST place on earth!”

Staying at a Disney Resport offers even MORE doses of Magic!

· “When we were in line to see Donald they did a character change. Did not take long at all -which was great. But, the way the character came out made it fun for the kids. He played hide and seek with the ones in line waiting to see him. Helped to make the wait fun for the kids and brought a little magic to the wait. We had so much fun. My kids still talk about it and ask how long till we go back”

· “As we were entering The Hall of Presidents, a host diverted us to a private office and said we had a phone call. It was Mickey Mouse telling us Happy Anniversary!”

· “After waiting in line to meet the Princesses…I was amazed at how personable and how special they treated my children. They spent over 10 minutes with my 3 kids. Cinderella danced with my 2 year old daughter, treated my 1 year and 6 year old sons like knights and even kissed and hugged on them. Rapunzel had my kids play a joke on Aurora and they all intermingled with my children. It made them feel very special!”

Meeting your favorite characters is always magical!

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