Disney has a secret in Hollywood Studios, and it’s called the Writer’s Stop!

The Writer’s Stop is the perfect replica of a little neighborhood coffee shop. It’s disguised to blend right in: you might even mistake it for just like another studio storefront! Don’t bother to stop and check the map, because you won’t find it listed!


Circle Marks the Spot, for the Writer’s Stop!

It is nestled right behind the Tatooine Traders and right next door to the Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater! In fact, there is a door from the waiting room of the Sci-Fi restaurant right into the Writer’s Stop!

The Writer’s Stop does have a Disney history: It used to be called Buy the Book, fashioned after the shop in the popular television sitcom “Ellen”. When “Ellen” was canceled, it was converted into the Writer’s Stop, but the feeling of a sitcom set is still apparent as you look up to the ceiling and see the lights!


The Imaginear’s Kept the Best of Buy the Book

The crowds at the Writer’s Stop are usually slim; so it’s a great place to hide out or even a meeting place for the family! Better yet, bring your bookworm in for a treat: there’s a lot to be seen in this one little shop!


Coffee and a Book! What could be Better!

The shop opens with normal park hours so hurry over as soon as you get into Hollywood Studios: it’s a quick stop breakfast before your busy day! With hot or iced coffee made to order, sodas, milk, and a variety of pastries, there is something for the whole family!


A Large Selection of Yummy Goodies Await You!

And don’t stop with the muffins, grab some of the specialty Mickey cookies just waiting for you or for your friends back home!


Exclusive Mickey Cookies: Red Shorts Mickey; Sugar Cookie, Gingerbread, and Chocolate Chip!

The Cast Members will carefully box these delectable treats for you and have them sent to your room! They travel well in a check-in bag and will make it home without a crumble.

But what would a good coffee shop be without a few books? And this one has the all best at Disney!


Cookbooks for Kids


Cookbooks for the Star Wars Fan!


All Kinds of Fiction/Non Fiction including the Star Wars Sagas!

It’s very easy to lose track of time once you step inside; and even if you don’t like to read, stop and peruse the shelves. You will find great gift ideas waiting for you, too!


From Your Classic Mickey Mugs


To Novelty Disney Mugs


And Signature Snacks!

The Writer’s Stop is definitely a hidden gem inside Hollywood Studios. It’s a place of quite repose where you will forget the busy world of the parks outside. My family loves to make this break apart of our Hollywood Studios Adventure! Drop by and visit my secret hiding place: you will find me in the back reading a Star Wars book and drinking a latte or 2!

For more special treats and hidden secrets at Disney, contact me at sylvia@travelwiththemagic.com!