Wondering what to pack in your diaper bag for an awesome day at Disney? Check out my top ten tips for packing your diaper bag!


1. Use a back pack instead of a typical diaper bag. Disney buses do NOT allow you to push your strollers directly onto the bus. You must fold it and hold your children on the seat next to you or on your lap. A back pack will help facilitate a smooth transportation transition. You can quickly throw your back pack on and have free hands to take care of the rest.

2. Small first aid kit. Even though all Disney Parks are equipped with first aid stations, it’s nice to have a few essentials on hand to avoid a frantic search for a simple band-aid.

3. Store sunscreen in a plastic bag. The last thing you need is lotion on everything if the tube leaks.

4. If you have a child that drinks formula take small pre measured containers for easy and fast bottle preparation. These containers will also take up less space than a whole container of formula.

5. Take an extra set of clothing for each child. You never know when you will need to change an accident or wet clothes from water fun. Store each outfit in a plastic storage bag. Squeeze all the air out of the bag for compact storage. If you do end up needing to use these emergency clothes, you can use the plastic storage bag you packed them in for the dirty clothes.

6. Child fun pack. Include new toys and activities that they have never seen before.  This might help pass the time in ride lines or at dinner. Crayons, paper, coloring sheets, cards, cars, stickers, and decorative masking tape are some of the things in our kit.

7. Take an extra shirt for you and your significant other. You never know when you might need it after little hands covered in Mickey ice cream bar have landed on you. Who wants chocolate hand prints in all those magical pictures? I know I don’t!

8. Light blanket and rain ponchos. The rain ponchos speak for themselves, but also keep in mind you can use them as a stroller cover. A light blanket can also be used as a sun barrier if napping is taking place in a stroller.

9. Small snacks. This will not only save you a little cash, but could also help avert a toddler meltdown when in line for a ride and all of a sudden they are starving to death.

10. Try and pack light. If you know you are only going to be at the parks for the morning and will be returning to your hotel for an afternoon nap, do NOT pack your bag with supplies for a week. Less is more. It will be less to lug around AND less to root thru when you are looking for something.

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